Location: Slovenia,Maribor
Client: The City Municipality of Maribor
Completed: 2022
Area: 64m²
Design Team: Ramin PoorKeivan - Sadaf Shakeri - Shahin Afarin - Arian Soltani - Elnaz Moghadam - Marzieh Rezazadeh - Tannaz Amiri
Metaphor Pavilion
The focus in the design of this pavilion has been to reduce its borders so that its impact and communication with people is not limited to its borders and by expanding in the city, either physically in the environment or by engaging the audience's mind in an abstract way and creating an interactive environment, to act as a network. Considering that the Drava River functions as the spinal cord of the city of Maribor, give us the potential for creating this network and the physical expansion of the project to attract people and attract them from all parts of the city can be used to allow people to participate. By creating an interactive space, this network can expand even beyond the city and attract more audiences. With the abstract space design, we saw the pavilion as a container that accepts the historical and modern contradictions and differences of the city as well as the pristine nature of the site and can reflect To accommodate all these differences in different times and places. In addition to creating ambiguity and suspense in the minds of the audience, the extension of the pavilion continues in the minds of people, Projection seems to be a good answer to the proposed problem. As a result, the pavilion is a container that accepts the audience and the different forces of the site and is created by the screen and a platform that is influenced by its audience and is constantly changing. Each user with the QR code on each ball is able to add data such as text, photo and These spheres act as nodes in a network They fluctuate both physically through balls and projects, as well as in a virtual platform and an online platform in various locations, allowing users to participate in pavilion programs. They can share their experiences of the festival in the form of voice, photo or video on the platform to create a unique shared experience in a matter of hours by projecting or show them in the pavilion or balls.The online platform QR code link is located on the fluid and floated balls which are the messangers of the pavilion along the river. therefor there are some devices conntected to the pavilion, QR code enables the users to connect to the platfrom to share their photos online, as a result pavilion is expanded by people themselves.
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